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Oh gods! Oh gods I beseech you, you see, can you? Why have you forsaken me?

“It’s come again, I’m getting divorced again. I’m the most unfortunate of women, why can’t I be like everyone else?” Mary muttered.

Walking on the street, seeing a couple who seem to know a secret, holding hands, laughing, they appear connected to each other, making the “union” seem like a piece of
cake, she stood still wishing she had what they have.
“Is it possible to be a part of a happy couple instead of always in awe of them?”

Sitting in the park, she focused on her issues, a voice drawing her attention.
“Hey how you doing? I was sent to you, the other gods were a little bit busy”.
“And they sent you?” Smelly of alcohol, he staggers to sit by her. “Are you the god that’s supposed to help me? You’re drunk!!”.
“Look, you’ve got problems, I’m here to aid you, and you can talk to me”.
Pondering, “This is all I needed at this point; I needed to rant, to let it all out, to let what I felt heard”.

“I was a devoted wife, I was by all context a good wife to him and the one before him, he had nothing to complain of”, Mary exclaimed, “men are always so selfish, in humane faunas. Good women like me, or so I love to picture myself, suffer so much.
They have rendered my youth chaffy; I must have some chance to express my individuality.”

First it was Dele, Mary began, “I and Dele were good friends back in the day, I was 16 when we started dating, we loved each other heartily and decided to be joined for life seeing that he just graduated with a first degree in accounting from Lagos State University”.
My parents were furious and they stood against the union since I still had three years before I had a degree but I was inexorable. I wanted to wake up every morning next to him. I wanted to start spending the rest of my life with him now! He told me he loved me with every waking moment and I swallowed it, he’d text the three words, eight letters every chance he got, he’d whisper, “you are not alone” as I laid on his broad chest. Those words comforted me, like a mother would comfort her child.

One year of courtship and a year into marriage. The first few months after tying the knot was as a dream, we were seen everywhere together. These months of wedded wife hood, were a wide spectrum of emotional adjectives – overwhelming, scary, happy, content, determination, irritation, confusion, fervour, grateful and maybe annoying.
I was trying to get used to the new life, the new name, the new address, the new title and it was just beginning. Admitting her fears, “The reasons for my love for him has transformed into the cause of all my restlessness”.

Mary, a sentimental woman, extremely sensitive when it came to a relationship and her
feelings, She tends to over think everything, she wanted the attention of the one she held dear to her heart. She yearned for the romantic moments, like a child yearns for candy.
But in barely a year (in between sobs) we began to lose touch, we slowly but surely became strangers existing under the same roof, I can’t explain what happened…

Although the couple’s relationship had been strained for a few months, Mary assumed they were going through a rough patch. She attributed Dele’s loss of interest in making love to her and his sudden quick temper to stress from his job, or so she liked to think.
“Dele was on edge every time, that he would yell about every little thing – like a knife accidentally placed in the dish washer pointing up”.
Each time he walked by me he groaned, he’d sulk at every meal and I dare not ask what was wrong.

It deteriorated further, we barely talked, he’d leave early before I was up and get back when I was asleep, then we retreated to taking turns in sleeping in the guest room.
Getting back earlier that afternoon, he walked in and announced he wanted some time apart, we’ve been married for only a year, was he tired of me already? I didn’t know what had hit me, I wondered if he had a mistress? What had gone wrong with our love?

We were no longer on the same page, he trampled on me, and took advantage of the love we shared or rather the love I showed him. Naturally, my health broke down. I couldn’t live in such disharmony.
“I liked to feel and be treated like I was needed; I wanted him to make me feel like I was a part of his life, like we were in the union together. What is love if it isn’t true?” Dele represented the one that broke my innocence….
Mary had just begun a story of two failed marriages.


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