FACE OF (S)HERO by Ruth Diyan’ Ebe


One wonderful woman our twin friends should be thankful for…

She worked, her prayers were answered
In the still small wind she did love
Not wanting the children to go back above

They talked, worked against but she strived
Through criticisms, she ensured they survived
Twin births, the pains of their mother
She had come to say never bother

With great efforts she really toiled
That the joy of mothers would go unsoiled
With her face of hope
Twin children can now cope

She wasn’t negro
But she helped and became our hero
She came and stopped the command “Slay All”
Today her name still rings, she’s Mary Slessor.

– Ruth Diyan’ Ebe


9 thoughts on “FACE OF (S)HERO by Ruth Diyan’ Ebe

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