HE IS HERE By Amena Brown


He is here. In this room. In your heart.
He is near. Nearer than breath. Heartbeats.
Nearer than you are to you.
Nearer than second chance or next opportunity.
Closer than tonight or yesterday.

He is Real. Realer than touch.
See. Hear. Smell or Taste.
Realer than reality. He is our reality.
Realer than Joy. Pain. Sorrow.
Realer than the Love of being in Love.

He is present. Like time. Space. Wind. Silence. Night.
He is waiting. Like Creation.
Like words on the tip of tongue.
Like songs that have yet to be sung.
He is Beauty. Oranges. Blues. Every Hue. Every shade.
Sunset and Sunrise. Whisper His Name.

He is Holy.
Different. Made Human. Became Human. Forgave Human.
He is Spirit.
He cannot be touched. Explains like,
Sweet seconds of prayers like,
Grandmother on knees. Wood floor Bare.

He is Son. Distinctly three. Distinctly one.
The only one. The only wise. The only resurrector of lives.
He is King.
No earthly throne can house.
No amount of elegant words can espouse.

He is Moments and Voice. Power of Choice.
And Word. And Deed. And Fruit. And Seed.
Pierced Side. Nailed hands. Nailed feet.
Innocent wounds that bleed.
He is Believe and Trust.
He is Enough. He is All.

He is Call and Purpose.
Everything that we can sacrifice. He is worth it and more.
Much More. Our good deeds are mere pennies.
We’ll never even the score.
He is Behold. And Wowed.
He is Who. What. When. Why. How.
He Puts on the Show. He is the one we come to see.
He is Souls Cry and sinners plea. He is the epitome.
He is the One know one can light a candle to
or come within a million foot pole of.

He is Above.
He is a Fathers Love.
He is maker of ways.
Of Earth. And Wind. Ancient of Days.
Has No Fear.
Have No Fear.
God is Here.”

– Amena Brown


2 thoughts on “HE IS HERE By Amena Brown

  1. Pls,how can I be a part of this? What are the requirements or procedures that are needed to be a part of “HE IS. HERE”?

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