T I M E by Kulest Nelie


Most frequently applied term on earth
adequately elaborated in the Holy scriptures
created and utilized constantly by the creator
controls and maintains the balance of nature
presiding pilot of the sequence of events in the spiritual
even as it determines orderliness in the physical.
supposedly understood by everyone
acknowledged even by the little ones
easily referenced by everyone,
defined adequately by no one!
Greatest of all scientific tools,
incomprehensible but unequivocally true.
The theory;”EVOLUTION” it rules.
Powerful control over human minds, bodies and souls
Of which:
My mind tries to define
inadequate, yet descriptive,
The “PAST” exists only as memory,
solely restricted to the thoughts of man.
The “PRESENT” as a current event,
can be experienced but expires with the renewing of moments.
The “FUTURE” boils down to speculation
totally dependent on one’s vision
Is never concrete!
What is time in all it’s essence?
A substance which exists not in solid liquid or gaseous state,
so, if I were to define it….
Then it’s nothing but an “Unreal Reality”.
– Kulest Nelie A.K.A Ezera Nene Helen.

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