What About The Others by Victor


​Thank you all for your positive reviews of my previous article, I am quite flattered because I never thought I was good at writing at all (thanks to my English teachers). Anyways, the bad side about doing something well the first time, is now you have to do better. This brings me to my second article. Today, I am writing about a touching topic that registered on my mind a long time ago (September 2012, to be precise).No, it’s not about football, it’s about Love. But don’t misunderstand me though, I’m not a person that likes talking about this kind of stuff, but I believe that love is the most powerful emotion known to mankind, and I tend to ponder on its importance and relevance a lot.

​That said, it’s time to dwell on the actual issue on ground. We all know of this term that annoys sadists all over the world called ‘Happily Ever After’; where a guy meets a girl (or guy, you never really know for sure these days), they fall in love, and they move on to enjoy their lives forever in heavenly bliss and a life filled with love, joy, romance, care, trust and all the other good things sadists hate a lot. We even get to see it in the movies these days, e.g. Twilight, Shrek, Beauty and the Beast, Titanic (bad example I know, but still), even somehow they found a way to make Batman a love story. They are all over the place: where guy meets excessively attractive girl, or girl meets annoyingly strong, pale, sickly, cold, freak of a guy who can read minds, they go out, and after dragging the story for way too long, they get married and are living happy for the rest of their lives, with a daughter who grows by the second, only to stop her growth abruptly and then live forever. Some of us, have been privileged to witness it in real life, if we have friends who are in love (I prefer to call them ‘emotionally abducted’) and they keep telling us how great and romantic their last date was, all the sweet and sugary things their mate told them and the rest that just wants to make sadists puke.

​Yeah! You get my point, ‘happily ever after’ is the life of love everyone dreams of, but there’s a little problem there, NOT EVERYONE GETS IT. There are people who don’t get love, those which the arms and sweet embrace of a partner has not reached. The people who love someone that doesn’t love them back, those whose relationships went sour and eventually broke up. I have seen people who are just steaming and oozing with deep emotions for someone who couldn’t care less how they get by the day. Also I have seen people who happen to be trapped in love, living a rather ‘un-happily ever after’.

​Here’s my question: What about the others? Is there hope for them? Will they just remain like that for ever (lonely ever after)? Is it that in reality, love is not foreveryone? What if Beauty never comes for the Beast? I would really love to know what happens to those who don’t get their Hollywood ending; those who don’t end up like Edward and Bella, Chuck and Blair, or Shrek and Fiona. Those people that didn’t get to meet their PrincessGuinevere, or Prince Charming. And more importantly, I’m sure others do too. Do they find someone new? Do they give up (and become sadists)? Is there a special place for them in heaven (or hell)? Why is there treasure at the end of the rainbow for some and nothing for the others? I just want to know if there is hope for the loveless (or unlovable). Not that I am one of them, but you know, so I could tell those lonely people what their fate is, and more importantly, to reduce the population of sadists in our world.

– Victor Ohwo.


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