Hearing a song can instantly brighten your day and move you emotionally. It’s the art whose sound and silence brings everyone together whether it be folk, jazz, country, hip hop, rock (yea! that’s my genre) or reggae.
Hope y’all enjoy…

John, a hapless boy exchanging goods from door to door, hungry found he had only a coin left, establishing he would request for a meal at the succeeding house. Knocked on reaching the door, it swung open, he lost his nerve when a lovely young woman emerged and from the background was an auditory communication incorporating instrumental vocal tones in a structured continuous manner he couldn’t shake off, music had always been of his central interest.

Instead of a meal he asked for a drink of water and asked if he could help round the house. Welcoming him in because she taught he looked hungry, “would you have lunch?”, she asked, nodding his head, “who is exuding such melody?”, “Oh! That’s my father”.
Moving towards the music, he stood afar enjoying the vocal notes emitted from the keyboard. A guttural voice urged John to sit, he sat hastily, and running his fingers over the instrument of his desire, with wishes of what ifs in his heart.
Seeing the desire in John eyes, he said, “I know that feeling of want”. Then he went on to say, music has become one of my parts, like my ribs, my liver or my blood. Music is my heart. It’s a force moulded on my insides, for me it’s a necessity like food or water. ”

2 years back, I was a man too busy with my career to actually enjoy the people that matter in my life, I worked to provide for my family but didn’t bother to make an effort to build a relationship, I focused on the minorities.

05.12.10, storming out of the house yelling at Chilly because she was at the verge of making me late for a board meeting and still had to drop her off in school It was her first day in
junior high school and she wanted to create the best first impression to fit in. We got on the road still yelling at her, I changed lanes trying to get in front of a slower vehicle, not seeing the incoming truck ……..a collision ensued.

I woke up without a feeling of my limbs, but the only thoughts pinching me, were of Chilly. “Where’s my daughter?” From quiet whispers it turned to screams, going huffy, I was given a sedative. Laid back down with regrets of not driving carefully or slower, for not being there for the people I loved, “I should have been a better father”, on that note I transited into a trance.

With no limbs and Chilly, I went to a place that did nothing but remind me of my mistakes, my wrong decisions, a place that kept me in my regrets. Being at the lowest point in my life, I felt was worth nothing, I couldn’t go back to work, of what use is a man without limbs?

“But in the midst of my hurricane I found music, it expressed everything I couldn’t say even when I had so much to. Music was my refuge, I’d crawl into my own space between the notes and I’d forget my limitations, music changed my mindset, every time I played a song I saw it as a way of healing my situation, it got the hurt out, gradually turning my darkness into light, bringing beauty out of my loneliness and pain.

As tears filled his eyes, he said, “I chose to live and not exist, every other morning since I found music I began to put those who mattered first and for the first time I had joy not just happiness”.


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