My MoM !!

I wanted to do something nice for that very special someone in my life,
My MoM, Mrs H.O.Hassan
My treasure and the wind beneath my wings,
This is for you, I love you muchos!!


Looking at her wrist watch its almost 7:30, she walks out the front door screaming, “whoever is not in the car when I drive out, isn’t going to school today!” and she’d mean every word.Tuesday morning, it’s 7:00am and I’m just waking up, hysterically I rush in and out of the bathroom, then I hear those 10 words, “crap!”, she had earlier warmed up the car after exercising like she does every other morning, I barely had 5mins left, then she screams, “I’m going oo! you people would miss school today then you’d know I’m serious”

Driving through the gate, with one shoe in my hand and the other barely buckled I ran after, a little length away she stops, almost getting there and I’m panting like the hounds of summer, she moves a bit further and looks through the wing mirror, with a smile, she says, “next time you’d wake up on time!”.
I got into the car, on our way to school I began to wonder, where would I have been without this woman?

When I think about my mom, ineffable is the first thing that comes to mind.
My mother is like no other, I know everyone has the same impression about theirs too.
She takes the responsibility of raising the children and works diligently to see that we( I, Omar and Ali) lack nothing, she acts as both parents in our lives.
I tell her, she’s my hero, she has been there through the ups to give me a pat on the back and the downs with arms stretched to bring me back up.
Education is a priority in my home, when I was younger she’d quiz me for my weekly spelling tests and as I grew older I had extra lessons(usually not so enjoyable).
I tell her, she’s a special beauty, rare to find( yea, that’s where I get my sparkle from).
She puts a smile on my face by merely walking pass and when she moves her shoulders up and down (our special dance move) it brings joy to my heart.
My mother, her silence speaks volumes, “that look a mother gives her child when she’s trying to pass a message in a crowd”.
My mother, she cries and my heart crumbles.
Through all our conversations, too many to count, my mother has been a reminder of faith, she’s a big part of my success story, she’s and still is an inspiration not just to me but everyone that’s and will be fortunate enough to meet her.
I tell her thank you everyday for all the love she’s shown us, I pray for her everyday because she’s embedded in my heart.
I tell her, I appreciate all and everything she’s done and still doing(because she never ceases to amaze me with the generosity of her heart).
I tell her, I’m glad she’s my mom because I won’t have wished for another.
To my mother, for giving her children the best of everything. You’re awesome!!


13 thoughts on “My MoM !!

  1. Yes Aisha, you have captured the essence of a woman who stands for strength, faith, kindness hard work and much more. I join you in celebrating this woman of value and virtue. You are lucky to have her. Make her proud. This would make her fulfilled. Then she can smile at the end of the day that: “it is worth all the hard work.”

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