Didn’t really have an idea on this topic at first, didn’t have an idea on how he should
act, how he should think or what he should look like, but as I thought about it these are a few points I came up with :
•An ideal man should be a gentleman, he should treat you like a lady not a trophy. He should have respect for you and you’d do same.
•An ideal man doesn’t have to love what you love, he should just appreciate the fact that you love them and if he loves it that’s a plus!
•An ideal man should pay attention to you, he should have the ability to listen, he should be able to tell when you need his attention and willingly give it.
•An ideal man should be in shape year round, he should be conscious of his looks, he should have a smart dress sense, stylish but respectable and never caught unkempt.
•An ideal man should be self assured, not letting his insecurities cloud his judgement, he should be a brilliant conversationalist speaking with wisdom, he should be Einstein smart but look like Anansi Bumbray.. lol… *winks*.
•An ideal man should have a sense of humour, the ability to put a smile on your face
and make you laugh, that would always give him the upper hand!
•An ideal man should be your friend, your head and your support. He should be there to chat with you, to correct and comfort you, he should have emotional as well as
physical strength.
•An ideal man doesn’t work for the minimum wage, it’s not in an ideal man’s DNA to work for meagre wages instead he attracts success and power.
•An ideal man should be slow to wrath, he shouldn’t be self seeking or conceited, he should be sensitive, kind and understanding.
•An ideal man should trust you, he should neither look back on the past nor be penitent,
he shouldn’t hesitate to say “I love you”.
•An ideal man should be able to cook a few dishes as its not romantic to make her do the cooking 24/7/365, this seasons and spices up the relationship!
•An ideal man is a man who would hold you through your hurricanes, happy to face them with you. Is one that would catch you when you fall.
•Lastly, an ideal man should be a God lover, out to please and love the things of God. He should be a man after God’s heart.
With these and other good qualities I forgot to mention, both of you would compliment each other like a kiss through a veil.
Heres what other chicks think…….
“My ideal man should be God fearing, loving, caring, honest, hard working, disciplined, trustworthy and handsome” – Blessing Ogbonna.”My ideal man should be humble, God fearing, respectful and honest”  – Jeanne Catherine.”My ideal man? Well… He’s got to be honest!! Thats the first and most important thing for me. Personality counts 🙂 Id like a guy i can have a good time with, someone that can make me laugh and someone with good manners 🙂 Its a Pretty Long List really, this kind of sums it all up :)” – Natasha Shae Russell.”First of all he must be GOD FEARING, hardworking, fashionable and cute!” – Seun Adeniyi.”He must be God fearing, selfless, caring, loving, funny, successful” – Funke Ogunojemite.”My definition of an ideal man, is one that is rooted in God because then he fully understands what love is and will know how to love me, he’s one that is ambitious, definitely has to be hilarious, into fashion, responsible, definitely romantic and one that pays attention to the small things about me, e.g the beauty spots on ma face…lol. I guess all the other qualities kind of  fall into him being rooted in God” – Ruth Upendo Munthali.”Character – This is the main attribute in making another person happy. If a man’s character lacks truth, honesty and sincerity, then he lacks everything a relationship requires in order to survive. Beware!
Maturity – Immature men like showing off, they are afraid of commitment, they are insecure about their future and they are naive. There’s nothing worse for a woman than having to submit to an insecure man. A woman needs a strong and mature man by her side, one that knows where he’s going in life, that is brave enough to solve problems with his own hands and that will be able to care for her like any good husband should.
Intelligence – Intelligent men think before acting or saying anything. This makes them capable of thinking about the consequences, giving women that extra admiration, respect and assurance for them. With so many women throwing themselves at married men out there, this is by far, a crucial quality to ensure faithfulness.
Compatibility – This is the quality that allows a man and women to fit well with each other like puzzle pieces .
Fear of God – The man that fears God will never betray his wife, especially when she’s not around.
When you find the ideal man, you become the ideal woman because only women that practice this, seek men that do the same” – Ofejiro Amrophe.

“My ideal man is simple, IS A MAN WHO WILL TRULY LOVE ME, of course
he will be good looking, focused and ambitious” – Grace Amy.

“My ideal man is a man who makes it easy for me to love him and who loves me above everything” – Yinusa Missinmie.

“I would say someone who loves God and his family. An honest gentle man. Someone who is my friend. He should also be smart. That’s all I’ve got for now. But I think when you meet the ideal man for you, you’d know” – Afoma Eme Umesi.

“Kind, caring, thoughtful, supportive not to leave out trustworthy and someone who will always love me and be there for me” – Faith Damilola.

“Cute, God fearing, serious in life, caring, respectful and I’ll need him to love me for who I am not what I am” – Michelle Elenwoke.

“In terms of physical appearance, my perfect man only needs to be a bit taller than I am and that shouldn’t be difficult seeing as I’m quite short. I’m not asking for him to look like someone who just walked out of a magazine, just like someone who’s fit and takes care of himself. Lastly, please dear perfect man of mine, don’t have your trousers halfway down your legs and a few sizes bigger than your actual size.
In terms of personality, my perfect man is strong willed and firm. Of course I want to be pampered but I also want someone that can caution me where I’m going wrong and being stubborn. Also, I like a man who shares both victories and problems after all things can’t always be rosy. A family man is at the top of my list, I like a man who understands that no matter how much work needs to be done he still needs to make time to be with the people that matter most. And in addition, a fun personality and a great sense of humour are always attractive traits.
Financially, I’m not asking for a man who’s earning six figures, I’m more realistic than that. My perfect man would be hardworking, innovative and have drive so he has the tool to make money not some inheritance in his bank account he doesn’t know how to multiply” – Fenny Odeyemi.

“He should be a God-fearing man. He doesn’t need to be perfect nor rich. Just somebody who appreciates me for who I am and doesn’t try to alter everything I do, somebody who will hold my hand through all hardship and not listen to the crowd and turn away. A real human being, somebody intelligent, who is able to disagree with me and form their own opinions. Somebody with a good sense of humour, trust worthy, good hygiene, caring, loving, kind, honest, good listener, kind at heart and understanding. Somebody who understands what I want but doesn’t always give me my way, who has seen me at my best and my worst but still wants to be with me regardless of that. A man who wants to take care of me and wants me to take care of him. I would want him to hug me when Im down, who makes me feel safe, happy and free, one that I will fall asleep in his arms. He would protect me when trouble is near. A guy who can replace a frown on my face with a smile and mainly somebody who loves me not any other woman”- Julia Nancy Kamati.

“My ideal man is intelligent, funny, nice, big-hearted, successful, easy to talk to, brings a smile to my face, family-oriented, attractive and fit, great personality, caring and last but not least also most importantly should be a Christian”- Esther M. Nzeako.

“Ma idéal man…
Ma idéal man must not be thé perfect man for no one is perfect not even me
Ma idéal man has got to be hardworking…. He’s got to think with His head not His heart (dah shiii’s too emotional)
Ma idéal man should put God first in all hé does buh Hey……hé shuldnt be tooo religious biko.
Ma idéal man shuld be open minded with me….i don’t need you to say YEA to all I say or want.
Ma idéal man has got to be damn romantic like to d côre.
Ma idéal man shuld be a man of His own words. A strong man that can stand all circumstances. A man dah will always stand by me.
Ma idéal nigga must not have dah gorgeous body, I mean d abs buh nigga u have got to be attractive and have got to have a guhd dressin sensé.
Ma idéal man shuld be able to fight for me wen d need arises and I’d do same for him.
Ma idéal man should be able to forgive, should be sincere and shouldnt hold back the past…. and id do same.
Ma idéal shuld be the man who will giv me a kiss after à quarrel and let me know we’d be aiii.
ma list is freaking long but I did say..

……more views on the topic would be uploaded soon


9 thoughts on “AN IDEAL MAN !!

  1. Evryone is said it all all diz is not gotten in one day.only the grace of God dat u find diz kind of men,I love who I am bt witout God I am notin to any woman.evrygirl wnt an ideal man wht grace hv to put in to ur lifez to have an ideal man….love only cme to those who belive coz love is not for the lazy.may God gvez us wisdom and understanding to have the ideal tinx wi wnt.God bless u…..

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