Football; the ultimate channel of sublime unity. Bringing people together from all over the globe, to come and share in the magical moment as simple as a man kicking a ball. This was very much the case in the just concluded Orange African Cup of Nations held in South Africa, which saw Nigeria reclaim their crown as African Champions after 19 years of waiting, hoping and corrupt leaders of the Football Association (they are still there by the way).
​But just as we all have come to share in the magic of AFCON 2013, the inevitable happens and reality hits us all in the face as we all go our separate ways. Not to worry though, this enthralling tournament has been out rightly AWESOME and it would no doubt leave its mark on every single person, country, or object that has taken part in it:

• For the Nigerian National Team, it means they have finally lived up to their names as the Super Eagles and can now continue to force their issue in the upcoming FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 and forthcoming tournaments.

• For Stephen Keshi, this makes him only the second person to have won the cup as both captain and coach of a particular country.

• For the Nigerian players, it makes them the heroes of the nation for 2013 and pushes them up the ladder in terms of hottest talents out there.

• For John Mikel Obi, it means he is a Premier league champion, FA cup champion, European champion and now African Champion. That’s a lot of ‘champion’ for a guy I’ve never seen score a goal.

• For President Goodluck Jonathan, at least you can say during your tenure you funnelled all our resources into the sports sector.
• For Burkina Faso, the dream continues.

• For Aristide Bance(the guy with the yellow dreds in Burkina Faso team) it means his moment in the sun is over and he can take his wild shooting and “anywhere-belle-face” shots OFF target back to wherever he ply’s his trade.

•As for Sunday Mba, “YOUR FUTURE IS BRIGHT”.

• For Victor Moses, it makes him a much hotter prospect for Chelsea and their bid to win everything else that doesn’t matter this season. Beware Eden Hazard and Juan Mata!!!!

• For South Africa, it means the FIFA World Cup of 2010 was all a fluke, as they have shown us how poor the condition of their pitch could really be.

• For the VuVuzela, it means its noise making, ear bursting antics can be be taken back to deafen the people of South Africa alone.

• For the Bafana-Bafana (South African National Team) I can say that since I started paying attention to the AFCON, the host nation has never won it. So its not your fault.

• For Mali, you guys are better than Ghana; at least the guys that won you people finally won the trophy.

• For Manchester United it means they are now 12 points clear at the top of the premiership table, which isn’t really related but worth mentioning anyways.

• For Pope Benedict XVI, it means NOTHING.

• As for the number 19, it means more superstitious beliefs would come your way and maybe more footballers would grace you on the back of their shirts.

• As for the medical student , it means he can go back to studying his 20 pages of physiology and 12 pages of Microbiology which are just anxious to unveil their attractive notions on Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, Blood, Red blood cells, toxins and what not. Leaving him with the only choice of writing this article, because for him there is no after-party.

It doesn’t matter what it meant, what its meaning or what it would mean for everyone. All that matters is that we all came together to celebrate the magic of football and have all gotten our fair share of rewards for our preceding choice. Football has made us for a moment forget: how Boko Haram keeps killing people by the dozens, how AIDS and Malaria is taking the lives of many people all over the world, how anti-climactic Skyfall (the latest James Bond movie) was and has given us a moment of joy and happiness in the midst of all the trials and challenges we are facing in our separate lives. We want to say THANK YOU AFCON 2013!!! And CONGRATULATIONS NIGERIA!!!!! The current Champions of Africa. See you guys in Morocco 2015.
– Victor Enahoro Ohwo.


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