“No human race is superior, no religious faith is inferior. All collective judgements are wrong. Only racists make them” – Elie Wiesel.

A girl leaned in close so no one near could hear, and said, “I’m a racist”.
“REALLY?!”Couldn’t she see I was blessed with more melanin?
Many people would have been repelled, I was entranced . I just found someone who could tell me first hand, how a racist’s mind worked.
She seemed normal so I decided to talk to her, she went on saying, “I just have these thoughts, my mind goes to places I can’t control, I know it’s wrong but I can’t help myself.
Then I understood she had mental habits based on the ideas implanted by her ancestors, which had taken root in her subconscious. She had various stereotypes and biases firmly lodged in her memory.
It was sad that she knew she should not think racist thoughts but could not stop herself because these lessons were learned and reinforced so well.

The tumour called racism in studies show most people have some sort of prejudice or bias . Decades of cognitive bias research demonstrates that both unconsciously and consciously lead to discriminatory actions even when the individual doesn’t want to discriminate.
No one is exempted from this woe, implicit bias tests may still show that one can hold negative attitudes and be stereotyped even though they  don’t believe they are.

She leaned again and said, “teach me that we are more alike than different, teach me not to hate people because I don’t know them, teach me not to hurt others, teach me to stop being stereotyped, teach me to value my culture and that of others, teach me to realize and learn racism hurts all people, teach me to want to learn about you, teach me!!


7 thoughts on “IN THE MIND OF A RACIST

  1. Personally, i see racism as a funny phenomenon.” I’ve got more melanin than you have…Simple!!! ”
    I second @Abdullahi and i strongly believe that one has esteem issues if they’re racist. Wouldn’t the world be…boring if we had everything in common? i also believe that it can be unconsciously acquired by younger generations. So teach, and be willing to be taught about racism.

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