Choice is defined as “A course of action chosen by somebody from a range of possibilities.”

With this being said, I believe that I’m a citizen of a country with the greatest of potentials. They say its darkest just before dawn, well, my motherland faces its darkest of hours in its short history… I’d call this good news and it calls for celebration.

I choose not to say negative things about my motherland. I choose not to lament about the pathetic state of public facilities in my country. I choose to still vote even though I know that the winner of the elections has been decided way before I go to the polls. I choose not to complain when power failures occur with amazing frequency. I choose to not tag the lawmakers as wolves in sheep’s clothing who just pass laws that only benefit themselves and misplace priorities when the implementation of laws are to be made.

I choose not to complain that the lawmakers have been victims of bribery allegations on too many occasions that their integrity comes to question. I choose not to complain about the aviation sector, which is in an obvious rot and nothing seems to be done about it . I choose not mention my motherlands education sector. I choose not to mention that we used to mock a certain neighboring country but now we export our children there for them to have a solid education. I choose to ignore that my country now has joined the group of nations that have are in the list of nations with terror groups.

I choose to not dwell on the fact that my fellow citizens have lost the will to live and now strap bombs to automobiles and take others with them. I choose not to point accusing fingers at certain ethnic groups and label the whole lot of them as evil. I will ignore that every senate hearing, is just what it is, a hearing.

With nobody being punished or criminals brought to justice. I chose to ignore that it is just a farce that is displayed to a nation of over 140 million. I choose to ignore that my country has set a 20/20 goal that, with the look of things just seems to be a dream rather than a goal. I choose not to be saddened by the slow but sure brain drain my country faces yearly. Having no choice but export our kids to better other economies of the world.

I choose to ignore the fragility of the peace in my country, one minute being united by sports and the next minute hacking at each other due to religious differences.
I choose to ignore that most people, friends inclusive already have mapped out plans on how to rob my nation even before they get into positions of power. I choose to ignore that they have named their  to-be felony “partaking of the National Cake”.

I choose to ignore that my fellow countrymen lack the understanding of how much power a vote carries but would rather waste it feeble criteria such as religion, tribal similarities or plain ignorance.
I choose to ignore that we seem to be incapable of learning from past mistakes, and keep electing the same ones who promised us Heaven on Earth. Promises made that our children would go to school, promises made that we’d have good roads, promises made that fuel scarcity would be a thing of the past, promises made that we’d have portable water, promises made that we’d have constant power, Promises that were made and broken by all the 3 tiers of my nation’s government.

I chose to ignore the abject poverty my fellow citizens wallow in. I choose to ignore that the citizens of my country live in fear, even in their own motherland.
I choose to cover my pity and pain with a smile at all the children of my country, who don’t try to heal her of her disease, that is corruption but throw insults at her face.

I choose to ignore that I just blamed all the woes and troubles my country faces on other people.
With natural resources that could leave us a developed nation and most probably number one in the “dark continent”, yet we wallow in poverty with the common man earning less than $2 a day.
I choose to ignore the fact that my government has failed me again and again and again, but I still choose not to lose faith in them.

I also choose to ignore that when good citizens try to do it right, they get kicked out, scrutinized, mocked, ostracized and worst case scenario, eliminated
I choose not to ignore that in certain states in Nigeria, efforts are being made to get it right, and that the main purpose for government, which is to serve, is being returned to.
I choose to puff my chest with pride when answering the question “what nation do you belong to?”
I choose to ignore the Paradox that is Nigeria.
I choose to believe that we can still make it and correct the mistakes of our leaders past.
“I choose to still call my country Great”. -Faustus

By Kaitonna Anyamene


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