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“You have to want to succeed as much as you want to breathe”- Eric Thomas.

Hello beautiful people, so today I’d be taking you on a trip through the lens of a very awesomely talented, passionate, and fiiiiine young man.  I met him approximately two months ago, and I tell you it’s been joyfully-inspiring knowing him, asides my significant accumulation of knowledge at St. Nicholas (medicine just got interesting for me by the way 🙂 ) meeting him was the only other reason I didn’t get frustrated most days when I’d have to travel through Lagos traffic from Ikeja to V.I, sometimes in the rain and even snow 😦 in first, a molue (the popular Lasgidi yellow bus), then jumping on a BRT and finally squeezing into a tired keke napep to work everyday sometimes weekends inclusive, all that didn’t matter so far he’d be around. I love him no…

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The Gift of Blindness: Cobhams Asuquo


Our video for the week takes the spotlight to Cobhams Asuquo, a very inspirational being with a great sense of humor, a good ear for music, amongst other distinctively amazing features, he said and I quote “Since I never experienced sight, I’m not aware that I’m without sight!” He sees blindness as a gift of focus! My! Hope you get as inspired as I did 😀

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Presenting, one of Ukraine’s finest upriser, a medical student, and an awesome artist …… y’all be sure to see her video below, and don’t forget to leave your comments…. see y’all soon 🙂 P.S. I’m so sorry for being MIA!

TheUpriser : Basic information about yourself?
Peace : Ayodele Peace Adetoke, Female.

TheUpriser : What do you do?
Peace : Medical Student, V.n Karazin Medical University, Kharkov.

TheUpriser : Do you consider yourself an upriser?
Peace : Definitely.

TheUpriser : What inspires you?
Peace : God. A desire to fit into his plan.

TheUpriser : Any mentors you look up to?
Peace : I don’t have a mentor in the real sense of the word, Cece Winans and Lara George are more like role models.

TheUpriser : You have so much passion in what you do, what prompted it?
Peace : When I was very young, I used to spend…

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Nothing that comes your way in life is too much for you, but sometimes we go through challenges, and we just feel like it’s engulfing us. Bear in mind that God won’t have allowed it, if you couldn’t handle it. It means you’ve got the answer to that problem, but the moment you begin to complain and worry, you are magnifying the problem and that eludes the solution from you. Understand that, no person or thing can keep you from your destiny the only thing that has the ability is your mind!! You can’t afford to have a victim mentality! You’ve got to have the, I am armed to handle this mentality!
Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”
Now this was Paul’s actual declaration, “I am ready for anything, I am equal to anything through Him who infuses strength in me” He was saying…

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As words run short,
I get caught in a whirl wind
A harmonious dance
And all I do is fall deeper in love with You,
But expressing or relating how I feel
Remains insufficient
Probably ‘cos my vocabulary just isn’t enough

You see,
He won my heart,
Capturing my mind,
I’m engaged in a love-bond
He welcomed me into His arms
Inviting me in,
Making me the subject of His pleasure

Now between this and that,
In between quick gasps of air
Trying to describe a love, indescribable
I pause to think
Just maybe the dictionary is deficient
Or maybe words just ain’t good enough
But still I choose them wisely
‘Cos by words, His son was sent
A living proof, the word made flesh
He was present before all things
And by Him are all things made
The perfect sacrifice
Willing, He stood in my place
Enduring the grave
Forbearing the shame

All I’ve got is praise,
‘Cos if there are words for Him, I still don’t have them
But what I do have is this good-news
That says;
Justification has a name,
Joy has a name,
Health has a name,
Peace has a name,
Safety has a name,
Success has a name,
And that name is Jesus!


Hillsong – Christ Is Enough

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“Success is not a position or destination, it’s a style of motion”

Today, I have with me the beautiful Fenny, a shortened form of Fehintola, she is the brains behind augustbyfenny, a classy and very fashionable brand. Get inspired and don’t forget to show her designs some love, by purchasing. Enjoy 🙂

TheUpriser : Basic information about yourself?
AUGUSTbyFENNY : I’m Miss Fenny (short for Fehintola) Ifunanya Odeyemi.

TheUpriser : What do you do?
AUGUSTbyFENNY : I’m currently doing a Masters in Architecture and the founder of Augustbyfenny fashion label.

TheUpriser : Do you consider yourself an upriser?
AUGUSTbyFENNY : Well, I would certainly hope so. I work very hard, trying to be as focused as I can.

TheUpriser : Describe yourself, give us a little insight into you.
AUGUSTbyFENNY : I’m a lover of family bants and I value a close knit group of friends (family over everything). I’m…

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Returning from a Long Holiday Whether you took a leave of absence from your hospital, or, you went on a two week break after the end of first semester, or, you stopped writing a countdown for your friend’s blog unannounced, it’s more than a sure thing that coming back from a break is not exactly a walk in the park. You feel bad that you have to go back to work, you try and fail to mentally prepare yourself for the second semester, you slowly but surely carry your arrogant, heart-broken ass off your bed and begin to finally type the continuation piece to your countdown, and while you’re doing this you can’t help but feel this quiet sense of wonder that is actually just fear.
You fear that your sweet-sweet freedom is coming to an end, you fear that school is here once again and you’re still not going to be good enough and you can’t help but wonder if life has gone on in your absence, and everyone has just learned to live without you. You’re scared that you wouldn’t be able to sleep for more than half of any day any longer, you’re scared that this semester is going to be a tough one and you don’t know if you’ve got what it takes to make it through. You’re scared that since you haven’t posted on the blog a long time, everyone has simply lost interest in whatever you think you have to say. But when you think about it really carefully, you realize that: IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER.
It doesn’t matter if you never get to sleep an entire night again because you’re back at the hospital doing rounds and having fun not just working but actually living your dream. You don’t care if your grades aren’t the best in your class because grades, though they are important, they aren’t the most important thing, and all that matters is that you did all you could do, you have the knowledge and whatever grade your teacher gives you, is just one person’s opinion. You switch on your computer, open Microsoft Word and you type the long awaited continuation to your countdown for your friend’s blog because, really, who cares if no one reads it? Who cares if people think you’re yesterdays’ news? You’ve given it a lot of thought and you’ve realized that, at best, this article is read by one or two stray readers who turn their faces, at worse, this article is read by just you and your friend, and is a memory for you two to share for the rest of your lives. The prodigal son returns is the worst it could be and the prodigal son wasn’t so bad; his father still loved him at the end, even though he had squandered his inheritance and smelt like a pig.
A quote from Two and a Half Men “Life gets painful sometimes, but the good part is, time heals all wounds and all the pain you felt earlier is simply forgotten. Of course, that only means we go back and refresh our memory.” Coming back isn’t easy; it’s tough, it’s tasking and it demands a lot from us. We should look at returning, not just to Medical School, but also to other stuff we’ve left behind, not as starting again, but as starting afresh. We should see returning back to our desk as an opportunity to start anew, a chance to do better than our previous exploits and a way to learn from our past mistakes. Because it is only when we destroy our fear of returning to where we left, that we can truly begin to appreciate that, not just what we do, but we, ourselves, are AWESOME.